Installing the MyGlue Chrome Extension

The MyGlue Chrome Extension provides an easy way of accessing secure passwords that are stored in your MyGlue account and logging in to websites using these stored credentials. This handy extension does not actually perform the login action but, instead, lets you quickly pass the username and password values to the login form.

Installing the extension

The browser extension is available for Google Chrome only. Click the following link to install the extension from the Chrome Web Store: MyGlue Chrome Extension.


After installing the extension, you will see the MyGlue icon in your toolbar.


When we release updates, the same upgrade will be applied automatically when you restart your browser.

Disabling browser auto-fill

To make the most of the MyGlue Chrome Extension, we recommend that you disable your browser's built-in password auto-fill features, so that they will not try to fill in passwords with stored values.

  1. From Chrome, open Settings.

  2. In the Autofill section, disable the following:
    • Autofill > Passwords - "Offer to save passwords"
    • Autofill > Payment Methods - "Save and fill payment methods"
    • Autofill > Addresses and more - "Save and fill addresses"


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