Creating and managing passwords from the extension

The steps for creating a password through the MyGlue Chrome Extension is a comparable experience to the MyGlue web app.

The first step is to sign in to the extension. Once you're signed in, you just need to click Create Password, fill in the blanks, and then click Save.


Keep in mind that the extension does not have the permissions feature implemented currently. Any passwords created from within the extension can be accessed by anyone in MyGlue with access to the organization the password is created in. Please use the web app to change the permissions.

Managing passwords

At some point, you will need to edit or delete a password. These actions are only available by opening MyGlue directly, or via the extension by clicking the View in MyGlue button. This opens MyGlue where you can sign in (if not already signed in) and then make your changes. Any changes in the web app are immediately reflected in the extension. 


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